Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another day with them ♥

It had been a while i didnt post about myself.
I am just too lazy to upload photo sometime.
Is just another short updates here.
I am going to post photo of me and my friends.
I went to swim at Bowie's house to spend my holiday.

Is me in Bowie's room.
Preparing myself before went down to swim :D
It's swimming time!
Okayy, actually i didnt swim cause i didnt know how to swim.
I just sit at the side and see Bowie and Wengyee swim.
Me and Wengyee
Bowie and Wengyee

I planned to go home after swimming but wengyee asked me to join her for dinner.
Wengyee's parent decided to go Shabu Garden.

Photo of us at Shabu Garden after dining.

That's all for today.
I am ending my post with another photo of me.

p/s: Going to make a post about it soon :)

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