Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peek A Boooo ❤

Hey earthling :D
I am freaking lazy to blog recently.
Used to post everything single thing at this blog last time and now I am freaking lazy.
It had been awhile since the last time i share those latest Kpop MV.
I watched it on my own and shared to Facebook.
That's all.
Not only that.
My form 4 life is killing me.
Seriously dont have much time for others thing.
I used to play game, watch variety show, performances, and do many others thing everyday.
I can just spend my leisure time sitting infront of the computer.
But, my freaking form 4 life doesnt allow me to do it anymore.
I just have time to check to Facebook and Twitter and some videos.
That's all!
Almost EVERYDAY I have tuition!
Have to goes for tuition after school then go home and prepare to go tuition again at night.
Can you even imagine?!
Seriously restless.
And i dont even have enough sleep.
Insomnia is being one of the problem.
I can hardly fall asleep.
Due to that, I will fall asleep at school sometime.
Not sometime.
It should be always.
As long as there's time, i will just sleep no matter how noisy it is.
And the worst thing is, even i freaking take tuition everyday, my result still worst!
Anyway. Since i am plan to blog today, i have to blog something instead of crapping alone.
And i got nothing much to post so i will just post about my current addict.

First of all.
As always.


and my favourite, KYUHYUN <3


and the SEXY LEADER is my FAVOURITE <3

And her come my favourite GIRL GROUP.
The awesome vocal group :)

and their vocalist is always my all time favourite.
Park BOM <3

And it's time to reveal favourite solo singer.

The cute and adorable,capable singer.
She's young and talented.
Her pure and innocent appearance just suit her well :D

And never forget the Sexy Queen.
HyunA <3
Not only sexy but she can even be cute!
Her appearance cute and sexy appearance seriously kill all those male fans :p

Park Jungmin my favourite male solo!
Love his angelice voice <3

It will be someone special.

Super love him after becoming fans of Running Man (variety show)!
He is really awesome.
Almost perfect.
Muscular, gentlemen, A men with manner hands, good singing skill, amazing strength, good stamina, capable and many more!
It's really hard for me to list out all of it!
Super addict with his song One Man and December.
This 36 years old 'oppa' really captured my heart

It's late night now.
I should have end my post here.
So that's all for today.
I will try to spend more time on my blog.
Ending my post with a selca.
ByeByeeee :)

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